My vim setup

April 13th, 2015
  • vim

Back to some python coding recently, I’ve been very frustrated with setting up virtualenv in eclipse/pydev, and as the other IDEs don’t satisfy me neither, I decided to give vim a chance ! After some googling, I managed to setup a really cool programming environment !


You can find it here: I’ve used vim occasionally, mainly to edit config files on my server, but would have never imagined how powerful vim can be with the help of plugins. After installing SPF13, I had to tune ~/.vimrc to be able to use fully some plugins. I’m running vim on ubuntu 14.04, maybe the following won’t apply for other OS.


let g:airline_powerline_fonts=1

This line enables special characters support in airline plugin: airline

Somehow airline displayed a strange character after the git icon, in gvim only. In order to fix airline in gvim, I had to install patched fonts from Just clone the repository, then install your favorite police (in my case inconsalata) with kde system settings > font management. Then change the following line in ~/.vimrc:

    if has('gui_running')
        set guioptions-=T           " Remove the toolbar
        set lines=40                " 40 lines of text instead of 24
        if !exists("g:spf13_no_big_font")
            if LINUX() && has("gui_running")
                "Replace this line with the following one: set guifont=Andale\ Mono\ Regular\ 12,Menlo\ Regular\ 11,Consolas\ Regular\ 12,Courier\ New\ Regular\ 14
                set guifont=Inconsolata\ for\ Powerline\ Regular\ 12
            elseif OSX() && has("gui_running")
                set guifont=Andale\ Mono\ Regular:h12,Menlo\ Regular:h11,Consolas\ Regular:h12,Courier\ New\ Regular:h14
            elseif WINDOWS() && has("gui_running")
                set guifont=Andale_Mono:h10,Menlo:h10,Consolas:h10,Courier_New:h10


vimawesome is a great resource to find plugins, and it’s where I found buffet. This plugin allows you to easily navigate through open buffers. To install it, edit ~/.vimrc.bundles.local:

Bundle 'sandeepcr529/Buffet.vim'

Then in vim just run :PluginInstall.

The default shortcut didn’t suited me, so I added a new one in ~/.vimrc.local:

nnoremap <Leader>l :Bufferlistsw <CR>

Here is how my ~/.vimrc.local looks like:

"Support for paste from clipboard (with middle click)
set mouse=
let g:used_javascript_libs = 'angularjs'
"Avoid complaints from syntax plugin for angular directives
let g:syntastic_html_tidy_ignore_errors=[" proprietary attribute \"ng-"]
colorscheme beauty256
nnoremap <Leader>l :Bufferlistsw <CR>

As you can see, I added angular support, and changed the default color scheme. The command set mouse= is very useful as it allows you to paste in vim from your OS clipboard.